Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

“Christmas is love tugging man back to God with the powerful

   clasp of a tiny hand reaching out from a bed of straw.”

Our Christmas gift to you this year is a series of teachings called “Why Prayers are Unanswered.” You may access this five part resource by clicking on View "Why Prayers are Unanswered" on our sites home page.  "Why Prayers are Unanswered" is also available in the form of an E-book which you may download from our Online Books Page.


Of course, all prayers are answered either "Yes," " No" or "Wait Awhile."  But I wanted to know why God sometimes says "No."  This little book provides twelve biblical answers.  I hope you find it helpful.

There are many other Bible Studies available in the "Teachings" section of this site. Click on Teachings and you will find them organized into five categories: Evangelism, Expository, Seasonal, Series and Topical - click on one of these categories and browse through the teachings.

May these and our other categories of teachings prove helpful in your preaching - teaching ministry.



Dr. John Allan Lavender

Founder and Chairman

Project Winsome International