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Publishing without paper empowers nonprofit ministries like Project Winsome International to provide a variety of valuable tools with which People in Ministry and Ministry-Motivated Lay People can achieve their goals. In response to numerous inquires, we are are happy to provide the following guidelines.

How to produce Our Online Books for Small Groups and Other Ministries.

1) Download and print the Online Book our your choice.

2) Using a copier/printer capable of printing two-sides (duplexer), print a two sided master copy.

3) Using your master copy, print as many sets as needed on three-hole punched paper.

Remember, you have permission to copy our materials without copyright constraints.

4) Store each set in a white View-Binder. (Binder with a clear, plastic outer covering.)

Estimated cost:

Three Ring Binder: $1.50-$3.00
Full Color Cover Copy: $0.05*
Paper Printing Cost: $0.01*

*If printed on a private business or church-owned copier.

Example: Hard Copies of the 122 page Online Book: Connecting with God as Holy Spirit--stored in 1/2" View-Binder--can be produced for approximately $3.00 each.

Example: Hard Copies of the 303 page Online Book: Our Hope - Jesus- The Heart of the Hebrews -stored in 1" View-Binder--can be produced for approximately $5.00 each.

If you are looking for something specific, try the PWI Search Engine!

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