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A Winsome Way to Win Someone -- Part 1
How to use The Simplest Answer booklet

A Winsome Way to Win Someone -- Part 2
How to use The Conversion of Christian booklet

Next Steps
Six short teachings to help you disciple new followers of Jesus, showing them how to grow in their grasp and application of the Gospel.

Bible Based Teachings
Current and coming in 2000 Winsome Way teachings useful for research and preparation to lay people engaged in ministry as Sunday School teachers, lay preachers, small group leaders, etc.

Online Books
Downloadable publications designed to inform, inspire, motivate and encourage followers of Jesus in the spiritual growth process. Great for small groups.

Currently available

122 page downloadable book. In down-to-earth language, you are shown how to connect with the third person of the Trinity, and free Him to bear His fruit in your life.

OUR HOPE: Jesus - The Heart of Hebrews
303 page downloadable book. 21 inspiring chapters detail all Jesus was, all Jesus did and all Jesus means to you as Savior and Lord.

How to make and use our online books in your ministry.

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